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Lava flows in the north flank.
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Large collapse on the northeast flank of the volcano (El Ventorrillo peak), these are the remnants of an old volcano called Nexpayantla which was destroyed in a Bezymianny/Mount St. Helents style eruption!
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terraTEM equipment that we used for the TEM surveys, this puppy can send pulses of ~15 Ampere to the transmiter loop.
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Waiting for the terraTEM to do its thing
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Alex coiling up the cable of the transmiter loop
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My picture with a rockstar
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It's really hard navigating through a volcano even with a 4x4 truck
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It took us a while to dig ourselves out of there
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Machetes and gps in hand with the heavy coils on our backs...this is what geophysics really looks like
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Amazing layering of the pumice rocks that came out during different eruptive episodes, I love the different colors
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Margarita takes a bearing to lay down the cable...the point is to make two 90 degrees angles so that you can meet the person with the other coil to form a large squared transmiter "loop"
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The vault of an inclinometer in Barranca de Nexpayantla, the equipment inside helps measure the deformation on the volcanic edifice
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Nice crew! Everytime we were riding up to the volcano, we would make a pause to pay our respects and to ask Popo to let us work on him for the day, I have done this ever since on every other active volcano I have visited
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I love this truck and I love UNAM
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Struck by lightning!!!
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The beautiful Popo saying hello in the is perhaps my favorite volcano in the world, you can tell why
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A handsome mountain
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Popocatépetl to the right and his eternal love Iztaccihuatl to the left...goodnight!